Monday, November 30, 2009

bands and boots.

i'm keeping this short and sweet because i am rather sleepy at the moment. i've been working on a few new headbands. some are special orders, and some are for the Holiday Artisans Boutique in zionsville that starts this saturday. i went to the flea market yesterday and had a ball. i got some giant handfuls of unique vintage pieces that i can't wait to use!

some special order mother-daughter yarn flower bands for my old high school youth group leader, lori, and her adorable daughter, ella. (the pink and purple one is for ella, and the black and gray one is for lori.)

a special order for debbie's (a friend from work) daughter. debbie bought some brooches at a flea market and gave them to me to incorporate into pieces for her daughters. i had a small ceramic rose in my stash to match the ones in this brooch, so i put it to use! i have three more to make for debbie's daughters' christmas presents.

here are some new pieces for the Holiday Artisans Boutique (featuring a couple of my favorite new pieces from this weekend's flea market):

i still have about 5 or 6 more pieces to create before this weekend. i'm waiting for some special feathers to come in the mail, but i'm beginning to fear that they won't make it in time. here's hoping for the best!

oh! and this is my newest love (and newest addition to my christmas list):
i don't really have any winter shoes right now besides my tall boots. my little toesies get cold in ballet flats, and i have learned my lesson about wearing chucks in super cold weather. bad, bad news. i like that these are low and have the comfy sweater top. i can't wait for tara vs. indiana snowstorm at 5 a.m. before work.

goodnight, lovies.

Friday, November 27, 2009

infants and internets.

my dear friends andy and beth just had a baby a couple weeks ago. her name is edie noel. i wanted to welcome her into this world with some treasures, so i sent a couple gifts.

and i got this adorableness in return:

i can't wait to meet her. it's seriously baby mania around here these days.

so today i spent an absurd amount of time on the internet while at job #2. i answer phones and do random tasks, but today was a slow day so i took advantage of the extra time to make my christmas list. let's just say i was on for approximately 97% of the day. what can i say? i'm hooked on dreams of dresses.

here are some of my favorite finds of the day:


dear santa, i want one of everything. please and thank you.

oh! and for those of you who collect vinyl and haven't shopped -- i definitely recommend it. don't get me wrong, i love to go to record stores and thumb through the old and the new, but when christmas time rolls around, i don't expect santa (aka my parents) to do that. ease is the name of the game.

here are a few of the records on my list this year:

when i got tired of shopping for myself (it happened?), i decided to look around for some goodies for my friend kristina from work . she is six months pregnant with her first baby -- a little boy! kristina has decided to do a vintage travel theme for his room and asked me to keep my eyes open for some great finds. i turned to etsy (of course) and struck gold!

maybe i should re-think my career and go into interior design, specializing in baby rooms. i think my heart would probably explode from cuteness overload. eee!

ok, i think that's all i have to report for now. i have decided to use my blog to share things like this in addition to my own work. it's fun to pass on little discoveries! it brings me so much joy! i hope you look forward to more posts like this, too!

i'm not finished with my christmas list yet. i've been clicking around on etsy for a while today, looking for things for myself, but there is so much that i'm slightly overwhelmed. ahh! i am welcoming any and all suggestions -- what are your favorite etsy shops? let me know!

love love love,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


tomorrow is thanksgiving. i sort of can't believe it's here already. this has been a year of growth and learning for me -- so many changes and lessons learned. i can't help but count my blessings when i think about all of the wonderful people in my life and how they have helped me along on the crazy journey this year has provided for me.

here are some things that fill up my heart and make me thankful:

my baby, gretta louise (the belle of the south):

my funny familia:

and my amazing friends (old and new):

it's fun to go through my pictures and see so many memories. i'm thankful for those -- the good, the bad, the almost forgotten, and the ones that replay in my mind daily. everything happens for a reason, and that is what i am most thankful for this thanksgiving.

have a safe and happy day.


Monday, November 23, 2009

pretty cute things.

i just wanted to share a couple things while i'm taking a break from treasure-making. the first thing is that starting wednesday i will have a new wholesale account with Pretty Cute Things, an independent company here in indianapolis. lisa owns the company, and i met her this past weekend at the OLG craft fair. she does tons of events throughout the year at flea markets and craft shows, and i'm excited to give her something new to add to her collection of goodies!

i also wanted to post this super cute picture of my friend christa sporting her new hair treasure:

not everyone can look this adorable so early in the morning.

just a few days until thanksgiving. there is so much to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

what a weekend (!)

hi hi hi! it's been a great weekend for hair treasures. the OLG holiday bazaar was a lot of fun! my awesome sister, trisha, came with me on friday evening. she was a fabulous model and stirred up some interest walking around to other booths, showing off her headband.

(we were extra lucky to have our booth in the kindergarten hallway. i really wish you could see the precious drawings hanging on the wall. they were definitely a source of entertainment for the bender sisters.)

i really didn't know what to expect from the entire thing, but friday night went really well, and saturday was even better! my mom was there with me on saturday, sporting a sassy little clip. although she spent half the time shopping at other vendors' booths, i'll go ahead and credit her with a few sales, too.

(imagine some sort of diva picture of my mom here.)

a few surprise guests stopped by, too! i really have some wonderful people in my life. one of my high school youth group leaders, lori, came with her two kids and made some special orders. one of my best friends, stacey, stopped by with her husband, kyle. and debbie, one of my friends from work, came with her two daughters. they each found a treasure to fit their personalities. sweethearts, all of them.

it was a lot of fun for me to see so many babies and cute little girls try on hair treasures. those items were some of the most popular of the weekend.

here is one precious bebe, molly. she ended up taking this treasure home, and i can't imagine it looking cuter on any other wee one:

and just because she's super cute, here she is again:

i really had a lot of fun and definitely recommend this craft fair if you live on the north side of indy. let me know if you want some more information about it! now it's time for me to figure out what i'm going to submit for the Sullivan Munce Holiday Artisans Boutique, update my etsy store, and work on some special orders.

the work of a treasure maker is never done.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

how bazaar.

(first of all, i am aware that the word "bazaar" should be spelled "bizarre" in the title of this post. i was an english teacher for three years. i just like a good play on words, ok? thank you. proceed.)

if you live in the indianapolis-ish area, i would love to see you at the OLG craft fair this weekend! i know this one will be a lot of fun. and over 70 vendors? jackpot.

give the gift of hair treasures this holiday season. the ladies in your life will be so thankful.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

much love.

i have a couple more "appreciation photos" to share. hooray!

meet sadie. she is my cousin lindsey's first little girl and just came into the world last week. look at her, already sporting a hair treasure! all the other babies in the nursery are going to be so jealous.

this is one of the first baby bands i made, and i knew it had to be a gift for this little bundle of joy. she is in pennsylvania, but i hope to meet her soon.

this is jane. she just ordered a few vintage bobby pins similar to this, but i received this picture before i mailed them to her. confusion immediately set in (it doesn't take much).

but then i realized that i had sent this bobby pin to one of my taylor bff's, yumi, and yumi gave it to jane as a birthday present. the world makes sense again.

pictures like these warm my crafty little heart.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

etsy gifts.

a lot of etsy shop owners send an extra something special with their orders as an added gesture of appreciation. i knew i wanted to jump on this bandwagon, so i spent some time thinking of something i could create that would bring joy to others.

lo an behold, an idea returned to me from somewhere around 1995. i used to make these little greeting cards and christmas tree ornaments out of brown paper bags when i was in elementary school. perfect!

so now when you order a hair treasure through etsy, you will get a blank homemade card like these with your order:

these cards are super easy to make! all you need is a paper grocery bag, scraps of fabric, and a sewing machine. during the holidays, i will make some with christmas trees and stars, too.

nothing warms my heart more than getting real mail from someone special. i think this will be a good way for hair treasures customers to continue spreading the love.

after all, all you need is love.

Monday, November 16, 2009

the hair treasures craft show debut.

my beautiful spokesmodels, brittany & stacey:

here they are, looking cute behind the women's table:

(look at these amazing shelves my dad made for me!
each one has 48 notches, perfect for headbands of all shapes and sizes.)

the girls section:

(my dad also made the shelf for the girls display.)

the baby section:

the girls/baby table & women's clips:

three peas in a craft fair pod:

fun. fun. fun. fun. fun.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


the craft show in spencer, IN was an interesting first experience. we set up in the high school gym with about 15 other vendors. i had fun with brittany and stacey (who were so kind to get up extremely early and ride in the front of my dad's pickup truck for an hour and a half with me), but the traffic at the craft fair was slow. a few treasures found their way home with new owners, which warmed my little heart. i am definitely looking forward to what next weekend will bring!

i will have pictures of my craft fair display soon! i am really happy with the way it all turned out. can't wait to show you!

until then, another superultramegapicturepost of new treasures:

for women:

for little girls:

for bebes:

whew. that was a wholotta hair accessories. i think that pretty much brings me up to date on what i have at the moment. my etsy store is still not updated, though. i will do that after this weekend's craft fair.