Saturday, September 25, 2010

a mixed bag.

hieee. i just wanted to share a few random things that i've been keeping in my back pocket.

this is the display at ceramic dreams in broad ripple, IN. (can you spot the hair treasures?) i have loved having my items for sale in this wonderful shop!
if you live in the broad ripple area, you should definitely visit ceramic dreams to paint some pottery and browse the handmade gift shop. tanya, the owner, is so supportive of local handmade goods. what a great business!

*     *     *

when i was in florida this summer, i delivered 13 pieces to my aunt donna. all of the pieces were made from her mother's old jewelry, and aunt donna wanted each of her sisters, nieces, and grandnieces to have something. 

here's one of the headbands: 
(tulle, feathers, and a vintage gold & pearl O brooch) 

here is chelsea (my aunt donna's niece) in her headband. it looks great in her blond hair! so pretty! 
i am so glad that i could give my aunt donna, chelsea, and all the rest of the girls a little piece of their mother/grandmother/great grandmother in something that they can keep forever. 

*     *     *

i have met some really great people in my program at IU. we're pretty lucky that we all like each other and like to do things together (besides homework). some of the girls bought hair treasures and warmed my crafty little heart with their kindness.

here's one of my classmates, claudia, in her new treasure:
purple perfection, if you ask me. this one was made for her. 

*     *     *

new project: 

sara from sara & mallary photography asked my sister and i to participate in something special for their web site! sara wants to highlight local vendors for her bridal clients, and we get to be a part of it! 

my sister trisha is a stylist at DL Lowry in indy (she is amazing! go see her!), so her part of the project will be to do some "wedding hair" (on sara, i think -- possibly professionally videotaped). and my part will involve professional sara & mallary photos of a hair treasures wedding collection. 

i am so excited and grateful that sara invited us to be included in this vendor spotlight. i am hoping that by thanksgiving, i will have a brand new bridal collection -- a piece for a bride and maybe 5 or 6 bridesmaid pieces. i'm thinking i want to go a little more over-the-top than i have with previous collections because i don't really have any guidelines. sweet!

*     *     *

that's enough of an update for now. tonight it's cool and fall-timey. i ate some pumpkin pie ice cream, which was sort of a dream come true. i can't wait to start wearing sweaters and hats and other warm things. i hope you are loving wherever you are. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

hair treasures featured on AnsleyHaydenHasLove.

hi, pals. i have been a busy grad school bee, but i just wanted to share something wonderful!

one of my sister's dear friends, hayden, has a beautiful blog, dedicated to bridging the ideas of art and love. she is a beautiful girl inside and out, as you can see from her posts, and i feel like our appreciation for the beauty in simplicity may make us kindred spirits. 

i answered some questions for hayden, and she put together this post about hair treasures. check it out and browse the rest of the blog. i know you will find something that will make your day! 

(here's a little excerpt from my AnsleyHaydenHasLove question&answer) :

here in indiana, it's turning to autumn. i am loving my leafy bike rides to campus. i hope you find beauty in something simple and lovely today. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

a hair treasures hoedown.

i was so honored when my friend annie asked me to donate an item for a silent auction benefitting amethyst house here in bloomington. amethyst house is an organization that provides services for people drug / alcohol addictions, and annie has worked at the women's house for a couple years.

the silent auction was only a part of the festivities for this fund-raiser. the event was a square / contra dance, complete with a caller (who sort of didn't know how to be a caller), a fiddle, bbq, and a live auction (featuring a real auctioneer in a cowboy hat).

here are some pictures of the donated headband (my apologies for the low-quality phone pics) :  

(orange faux suede band. topped with tan, brown, and brown w/ white polka dot feathers and gold vintage leaf brooch.)

(i believe this brooch came from my aunt donna. she was so kind to give me some of her mother's beautiful vintage jewelry to use for hair treasures.)

(look! people were bidding! the last time i saw the paper, it was at $20.)

annie and i pretty much tore up the dance floor, except for the part when i got really dizzy from too many "swing your partner"s and fell onto a chair and then involuntarily banged my head into the wall more than once, due to the disorientation. (i don't know either.) i laughed lot, learned some sweet dances, got a sweet free bandana, and left the whole thing a hot, sweaty mess. a complete success if you ask me!

(i got to be the "man" in our partnership. i messed up pretty much every single move we were taught and even caused annie to clothesline a girl. yikes!)

i really hope that the first annual square dance was able to raise money for amethyst house. i'm so glad that hair treasures was a part of it!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

recent wedding treasures.

oh, hi.

first things first: so i won't be participating in the bloomington handmade market this year. it's very humbling to be rejected from an event that i wish i were cool enough to participate in. i know there are tons of vendors who are much more artistic and have more unique items, so i am excited to see those in november! it's a bummer that i didn't get accepted, but i am not going to let that crush my crafty spirit!

moving on to a happier subject, i thought i'd share some recent special orders for weddings. marriage!

desire' contacted me a while ago through my dear friend ashley nacke. it's so fun to realize how small the world is and how connections can be made through facebook and the blog world! for her brother and (now) sister-in-law's wedding, desire' wanted something to match her bright red shoes (and so did one other bridesmaid).

the shoes:

i decided to mimic the shape of the rosette and add some vintage jewelry to each of the two pieces. i went with diamonds because desire' said it matched the bridesmaid jewelry. here's what i ended up with: 

faux satin rosettes with some of my favorite vintage jewels:

here's deisre' sporting her treasure and wedding 'do:

so pretty!

i just finished some pieces for my friend erika's wedding. erika is one of the secondhand happenings gals, and i am so excited that three of her bridesmaids will be sporting hair treasures. 

erika's bridesmaids requested pieces similar to the designs i did for jara's wedding (the twisted fabrics with beading). she sent me a picture of the jewelry and even gave me the fabric (whoa!), both of which helped tremendously. 
erika's bridesmaids' jewelry:
(i love the yellow and dark pewter color together!)

here's what i came up with: 

one headband and two clips, all three beaded similarly. i used glass beads in silver and the darker pewter color. erika's bridesmaids' dresses are yellow, and the darker fabric in the background matches the jewelry. perfect!

the headband (to be worn by the lovely laura balke) :

two peas in a pod (not sure who will wear these, but they will be matchers!) :

erika's wedding is in just a couple weeks. i can't wait to see pictures of everything! oh, and speaking of secondhand happenings and weddings, if you haven't already checked out something borrowed, you need to! the SH gals are now offering a beautiful assortment of vintage dinnerware to rent for special occasions. pretty perfect, right? right. 

more fun things are happening in the hair treasures world. i will post again soon! have a happy sunday.