Saturday, June 18, 2011

ex-freakum dress.

whoa! two blogs in one day? i must be bored or something. (i am.)

lately my sewing projects have consisted of fixing things for other people and making alterations to my own clothes. have you gone through your closet and said, "well, i'd wear this more if it didn't gape here" or "this would look so much better if it were just two inches shorter"?

i decided to go through my closet and do just that. i still have a pile of things that need snaps and slight length alterations. if i don't feel comfortable in something, i'm not going to wear it -- and fixing clothes is so much cheaper and easier than buying new ones!

i've hemmed a few dresses, shortened sleeves on a shirt, and added some snaps and buttons. (i'm modest. what can i say?)

here's a before shot of a dress i got a pitaya. i knew when i bought it that it would be slightly revealing on top (considering what i'm working with), but i got it anyway because i loved the design, and it was on sale (bonus!).

(me, cousin holly, sister trisha)  

(sister trisha, mama patty, me)

see what i mean? i was on vacation in florida when these photos were taken, so i didn't care as much about my business being all over the place, but it quickly became known to trisha and me as my "freakum dress" for obvious reasons. 

i haven't worn it in a while because of the way it fits, so i decided to do something about it: it originally came with a removable sash around the waist. i turned the sash into a bow and attached it where i needed it most, and now i have a garment that i could actually wear in public without mothers shielding their children's eyes. 

 (close-up: i actually prefer the look of the elastic band to the sash.)

(much classier, i think. and more comfortable!)

 (happy camper! bare feets!)

 most of my other alterations aren't as exciting as this one, so i probably won't post any more about them. i'd love to do a workshop for girls who have similar issues and help them make their clothes fit right instead of buying new ones. think i'd have any takers? 

porter flea.

hey, world! jessica and katie (the two lovelies who graced me with their presence last weekend) are pioneering a new frontier in nashville, tennessee: alternative craft fairs!

well, make that "fair" (singular). they've come together with some pals at friendly arctic printing & design to bring nashville Porter Flea, the first of its kind in the area. nashville is artistic in so many ways, and it's time that the indie crafters get a little love.

Porter Flea
Saturday, July 9
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
715 Porter Ave., Nashville, TN

they are still accepting vendor applications! do it! do it! they're also accepting patrons, so if you're in or around the nashville area, head on over to porter avenue and have yourself a ball.

check it out! and spread the word!

Monday, June 13, 2011

my first IHE main event.

saturday was indy's biggest craft event of the year: the Indieana Handicraft Exchange! it was the first time i was actually able to attend the summer event (i went to a smaller winter "mini" last year), so i was super pumped!

as an added bonus, my wonderful friend jessica from nashville (possibly the funniest person i know) had a booth again this year, and she stayed with me for the weekend!

jessica's shop is called pinestreet makery, and she makes adorable linocut and letterpress prints, cards, towels,  and totes.

the pinestreet makery display:

i snagged one of jessica's prints - green houses! i can't wait to frame this little gem: 

i meant to bring my camera with me and take more photos during the day, but i forgot it at home. woops! my sister joined me for her first alternative craft fair shopping experience, so i took advantage of a kodak moment (via my non-smart phone), but that's it! 

here we are with our matching "midwest is best" tanks by megan lee designs! just slightly different styles for slightly different sisters.
ps. megan lee is the cutest girl! i bought a matching "midwest is best" tote bag last year at the renegade store in chicago, so i'm glad i got to meet her in person this time. (i promise i'm not creepy, megan lee.)

i got a couple post cards from rar rar press that i also plan to frame and keep: 

i mean, i love the midwest. what can i say?

i picked up a stack of cards from colette paperie. 6 for $12? yes, please. funny phrases? mmhmm.
(here are just a couple: recipients have already been confirmed.)

my friend talia of conduit press was there selling her beautiful handbound journals and book safes. since i was attempting to pinch my pennies, i went for one of her cute cards. typewriter city!

there were so many cute earrings at the IHE! the only problem is that i'm (more than) slightly insecure about wearing dangly earrings, no matter how much i love them. so i went with these little crocheted flowers from muggy tuesday

as a thank-you for hosting them for the weekend, jessica and her friend katie got me this print (because they said the doggy reminded them of gretta). what sweetie pies!

i had a grand time! i probably made 5 laps around to all the booths, wishing i could have one of everything. there are so many talented crafters in the midwest! (it's the best, remember?) i can't wait til the next IHE!

since i'm on the topic of new treasures, i thought i'd share some that i got yesterday from my gal pals annie & jessica for my belated bday. 

some precious bow earrings from modcloth!

and this totally rad necklace from modcloth, too! when i saw first saw it, annie said "sewing scissors!" they know my heart. thanks, frands!

i can't wait to send all of these cards and parade around in my new jewelries and shirt and get tons of boyfriends from being so kewl and stylish. heyyy boyyys. 

(sidenote: there are always lots of cute boys at alternative craft fairs, but be careful, girls. take a quick glance their left or right: you'll always see his girlfriend within arm's reach. what gives? single boys: alternative craft fairs are your ultimate chance to meet cool single ladies. just sayin'. get out there!)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

baby charlotte.

on monday my dear friends andy and beth welcomed their second baby girl into the world. miss charlotte rae long was born into a wonderful family, including big sister edie who is not quite 2 yet!

(i mean, she just gave birth, and she still looks gorgeous. yeah, girl!)

i was so excited to receive some adorable photos a couple days later of baby charlotte sporting a hand-me-down baby treasure that i gave to edie when she was tiny! 

(it kind of looks like a little hat because she's so tiny! she weighs 5 lb. 10 oz.)

sleepy treasures! 

i'm so glad that one of edie's headbands has made its way back into circulation with baby charlotte. i know it's just a headband, but it warms my heart that my friends would put it on their newborn and send me photos. i just love it. 

here's little edie when she was a wee babe:

i'm so excited to watch this family grow and that (at least for a little while longer) we live in the same town so i can see them. babies!

Monday, June 6, 2011

shea's bridal collection.

whoa! i have been absent from blogville for such a long time! for my triumphant return, i am going to show you some treasures i made for my dear friend shea for her wedding.

chris & shea - so cute! (courtesy of emma williams photography)

shea and i met when we were both camp counselors in the summer of 2005 and have remained buds ever since! now she lives in cincinnati and, as of march 12th, is a married lady. i wasn't able to attend the wedding because i was in texas for SXSW, but i was there in spirit via hair accessories. (wink!)

shea sent me an idea of a bridal piece from another etsy seller (woops!), and i took the idea and went with it: 

the rosettes are made from scraps of shea's dress. the jewels are all different pearl-ish beaded earrings. the "doily" underneath is cut from a vintage blazer, and, of course there are satin leaves and russian netting blusher.

a little glimpse of shea's bridal treasure as she walks down the aisle with her mom:

shea wore the piece with the rosettes in the back and the blusher toward her face. so cute!

umm...their reception was a SKATING PARTY! how awesome is that? i'm so bummed that i couldn't be at this celebration. 

i wanted to tie in the rosettes of shea's bridal piece with her bridesmaids' treasures. their dresses were all different shades of navy and dark purple, so i went with the green from shea's leaves to complement them. the boys' boutonnieres had peacock feathers in them, so i included them for the bridesmaids, too, as the "leaves" for their rosettes! 

they all ended up being slightly different in size, and so did the feathers. they are all tiny metal alligator clips.

(if you look very closely, you can see some bridesmaid treasures!) 

wedding treasures are my favorites to make, especially for friends! i really wish i could have been at this joyous celebration, but i'm glad i still had a little part in it despite my absence.

congrats, shea & chris!