Friday, April 30, 2010

you can win! yes, you!

want to win a FREE hair treasure? go HERE now! all you have to do is comment on this secondhand happenings post, and you're eligible. piece of cake. piece of pie. 

(just a reminder of what you can win.)

i hope you're all having a lovely friday! i'm off to blooomington in my first attempt to find a supercute place to live for the next year. wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

win a hair treasures headband from secondhand happenings! it's almost time!

hi, world! my friends at secondhand happenings have posted a little interview and some photos of my workspace. they called it a "studio tour," which was kind of funny because my "studio" consists of a table and some shelves. ha. it was fun to have laura, liz, and erika at my house. they are all really funny together, and i appreciate their affinity for thrifting. (they even brought along a secondhand camera circa 1990something, full of film. classic.)

(my vintage jewelry treasure trove. photo by erika.)

the secondhand girls are about to give away a hair treasures headband! head over to their site, COMMENT ON THIS POST, and you will have a chance to win! it's completely free, courtesy of my friends at secondhand happenings. sweet! it has been super fun to be their store of the month!

(comment! win! wear! love!)

also: hair treasures are now officially for sale at Ceramic Dreams in broad ripple, IN. stop in to take a look at all the handmade goodies in the gift shop and paint some pottery!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

an owl discovery!

i just found this little owl listed on in the vintage section. look familiar?

i made (and sold) a headband with this exact same little owlie! 

crazy, huh?

moving on up.

it's official! i will be moving to bloomington, IN to attend IU in the fall. i was accepted into the masters of journalism program, and i am so so so so excited! now i can really start shopping for a cute apartment in my cute new town. eee!

to celebrate, i bought a few things from urban outfitters. (they were having a sale on apartment stuff. i couldn't help myself!)
(a little 30inch peacock rug and a green & black wall hook) 

also: i went to a sweet new restaurant today in broad ripple called good morning mama's. there are great cartoon murals (like the little birdie) painted on the wall, oldtimey cafe furniture, and a big, bright, open space -- all of which make for a fun morning treat. 

i had a super tasty blueberry pancake, and i'd venture to say that it was the best pancake that i've ever eaten. mmm. i have wanted to explore more restaurants and shops in the indianapolis / broad ripple area since moving back here last summer, and discovering this little gem has made me want to go out and find more!

fun sidenote: good morning mama's is right across the street from ceramic dreams, where -- starting tomorrow -- hair treasures will be sold in its handmade gift boutique. hooray!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

vote for alicia!

my friend alicia of awaters design & monkey ink design is one of the most talented artists and graphic designers i know! all of her creations are so unique, and her style is so unmistakeably alicia -- i could pick it out in a crowd anyday. from posters to up-and-coming music/arts/community magazines to t-shirt designs and everything in between, her art is sprinkled all over nashville, and i love love love love love it.

there is a new contest on called "Tote-ally Green." anyone can design a reusable tote bag to be produced by rebecca minkoff and sold on alicia has entered one of her designs, and it's definitely the best. (i have been browsing through the designs. trust me.)

here's a picture of alicia's design for the contest, Flower Fox:
(in tote bag form) : 
and her description on
Fashionable Fox made of flowers: 3 strand pearls, flower hair treasure & fashion forward frames included.

(i love that alicia gave her fox a hair treasure!)

while the first place winner is chosen by rebecca minkoff herself, the runner up wins based on votes. i'd love it if you would vote for my friend, alicia's foxy design.

just click here: VOTE FOR FLOWER FOX
enter your junk email address, and you're good to go. it's easy!

and check out alicia's sites to see more of her work!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

new additions / chica boutiqua.

i am almost ready for the chica boutiqua! i put the finishing touches on some pieces tonight, and now i feel like i have enough for the weekend. here are some pictures of my newest treasures:

twisted brown & red textured upholstery fabric band topped with a vintage earring. 

the rough edge of some orange upholstery fabric covering a band and cinched into a flower, topped with a vintage wooden earring.

black band with black / green curly feathers, topped with a multi-faceted black earring.

canvas / black textured zebra stripe fabric band, rippled and shaped into a bow.

band covered in black leaf-patterned upholstery fabric (only stripes are visible in this design) and tied in a knot.

black band with a black '80s style tulle bow.

silver band with orange feathers topped with a vintage brooch. 

band covered in orange upholstery fabric, topped with tan feathers and a vintage earring.

bronze band topped with polka dot feathers and a vintage owl brooch.

bronze band topped with brown velvet and a vintage pearl cluster earring.

lavender/tan upholstery fabric bow band. 

tan suede band topped with polka dot feathers. 

bronze band topped with brown feathers and an orange wax-molded vintage earring.

i tried to come up with some new designs for this show. it's always fun for me to see who gravitates toward which pieces. i am taking the hair treasures etsy store down for the weekend, but i will have it back up with updates as soon as the chica boutiqua is over. 

see my previous post for more info on the chica boutiqua. this event is for a great cause!

wish me luck this weekend! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

secondhand happenings.

a little while i back i made mention of my friends at secondhand happenings {a gently used blog}. laura, liz, and erika are on a mission to find the best of the world's pre-loved everythings. they love love love thrifting, yard sales, vintage goodies, and making other people's trash their treasure -- probably the most valuable skill a person could have!

these lovely ladies have made hair treasures the secondhand store of the month for the month of april! i am so honored and excited to have my business featured on their blog as a part of their secondhand endeavors. i use lots of pre-loved materials in my pieces, so i feel like hair treasures and secondhand happenings are sort of kindred spirits. how cute.

part of being secondhand store of the month means that one of my pieces will be featured in a giveaway! hooray! stay tuned for more info on the giveaway, and head over to secondhand happenings {a gently used blog} to join in on the fun and get more info on how you could win this headband:

(made completely from secondhand materials, by the way.)

Friday, April 9, 2010

chica boutiqua.

it's time for another craft show! this one is a benefit for a nearby therapeutic horseback riding center called Children's TheraPlay. yes, i am putting my fear of horses aside for two days. i can't believe it either. the center is really amazing, and the research behind equine rehabilitation is so interesting. having family members with special needs makes this cause near and dear to my heart, so i am excited to be a part of this event.

the craft show is called Chica Boutiqua (best name ever) and will feature all sorts of handmade girly stuff, including hair treasures. if you live in the indy area, i would love to see you there! i know there will be some giveaways and also an artists who will make a caricature of your pet -- perfect for nerdy pet lovers like me.

here's the info:

WHERE: Children's Theraplay (9919 Towne Rd., Carmel, IN)
WHEN: Saturday, April 17th (9am-4pm) & Sunday, April 18th (noon-4pm)
COST: $1 -- all proceeds go directly to Children's Theraplay

for more information on vendors and other fun event features, you can visit the Chica Boutiqua facebook event page or the hair treasures facebook page.

ok! time to get busy! next weekend will be here before i know it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ceramic dreams.

i spent last sunday with my friend anna for her birthday. we had big plans of going to the zoo, but the weather was less than perfect, so we decided to do an inside activity instead. i found a little gem in broad ripple that i am so excited about called Ceramic Dreams.

it's an independent paint-your-own pottery place with a gift shop full of locally handmade items. i immediately fell in love with its charming interior and local small business feel. the owner, tanya, was really helpful and nice -- she even let us stay almost an hour past closing time (on a sunday!) to finish painting.

here we are with our finished products (pre-kiln).

today i went back to the shop to pick up our bowls and also to meet with tanya about adding Hair Treasures to the Ceramic Dreams Gift Gallery. i am very happy to announce that some of my items will be available for sale by the end of the month! i am excited to be represented as a part of the local arts and crafts community in a venue that truly honors the independent spirit. can't wait! i will give another update later about when you can find Hair Treasures there.

why you will <3 Ceramic Dreams:

-they are open on sundays! (this came in handy since anna's birthday was on a sunday.)
-the prices are really great, and there are daily discounts. you pay a flat fee to paint, not hourly like some places.
-they offer classes like glass fusing, mosaics, and pinch pot / coil pot, fine jewelry, acrylic painting, and more.
-they are green! look here to see the ways they focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling.

that's all for now. i am slowly but surely getting back into hair treasures mode. on a personal note, i took the GRE on monday and scored high enough to apply/be accepted into grad school. now i just have to wait and hope that that's what happens!

i have some more fun hair treasures updates, but i'll be back with those soon. have a lovely day, and check out Ceramic Dreams if you are in the indy area (and beyond). you'll love it!

here's my finished bowl:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

project custom orders.

it's thursday night, and that means one thing: project runway. i am watching as i type this, wishing i could be a contestant. of course, i'd have to be a much better seamstress and know something about fashion, so with my current skill set and fashion knowledge, i'm slightly limited. i think i'll stick to hair accessories.

this week i have worked on a few custom orders. the first one is for andrea. i met andrea at the CUMC craft fair a couple months ago. she has an adorable clothing line for kids called BowBakery that you have to check out, especially if you have girls.

she requested a piece to go with her navy and white easter dress and suggested a bright color like kelly green. her wish was my command:

kelly green cotton fabric cinched into ruffles with a vintage white rose in the center. 

the other two custom orders are for jim. jim is a "regular" at eagle creek coffee co., the cafe where i work. he has two little girls and requested a headband for each of them. one of his daughters was adopted from china. he asked for something a little more classic with an asian theme. here's what i came up with: 

a simple side-bow made from cotton fabric with an asian design. 

jim's second daughter is a little younger than the first. the only thing i know about her is that she has a really funny, cute head of curly brown hair and she has a good sense of a humor. jim thought she would enjoy something with springs (a la antennae). i was stumped at first, but then i figured this out: 

fuzzy pipe cleaners twisted into spirals to create a spring effect, topped with a fabric-covered fuzzy ball on each side. and little acrylic heart crystals! 

the "antennae" can stretch out, too.

and i thought those butterflies were the silliest things i would ever make!

i have mentioned before that i am in the process of the studying for the GRE. my test is on monday, and after that point, i will be back in hair treasures mode. i am excited to have time to use a lot of my new fabrics, work on more custom orders, and incorporate some sweet vintage jewelry that i am in love with. 

ok, back to project runway. i have priorities, you know?