Saturday, January 30, 2010

bead bowl.

there are still a few hair treasures for sale in the gallery at the Sullivan Munce Cultural Center in zionsville. the center's appreciation for local handmade goods and and art really makes it a special place that i am honored to be a part of.

i have been asked to donate a piece for a fund-raiser during the center's upcoming Bead Bowl event. i was more than happy to give, and i really hope the fund-raiser brings in some money for Sullivan Munce.

here is some information about the Bead Bowl:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

stocking up.

newest treasures, fresh out of the oven: 

(i'm not putting these on my etsy store because i am building up as much stock as i can for craft shows in the next couple months. it seems that my existing etsy items are doing just fine anyway! i've had three sales in the past couple weeks from people all over the country. sweet!)

Monday, January 25, 2010

wedding treasures.

i have been ultra busy working on new hair treasures. i know i need to upload lots of new pictures! but i have been working a lot, too, (at my real jobs) so finding the time has been slightly impossible.

i'm happy to say that wedding bells are ringing for quite a few people! friends, friends of friends, strangers, everybody. i am currently either in the process of working on pieces for four different weddings. eee! here are some samples i've created so far:

star feather bridal piece:

feather / tulle bridal piece:

pink tulle bridesmaid piece:

in between my bridal treasure endeavors i am also building up stock for the Castleton United Methodist craft show on February 27. so much to do! also: the COLTS are going to the superbowl (!!!) so i'm thinking about mega-marketing my colts headbands so this city can be ready to go come game day. i am such a jock.

here's to holy matrimony, being super busy, and loving football.

Monday, January 18, 2010

upcoming craft fairs.

i set a goal for myself that i wanted to do one craft show per month. i don't know how realistic that is as some craft shows have expensive registration fees and are far away. but here are a few i am almost positive will include hair treasures. (i'll have more details about these as the dates draw nearer.)

Castleton United Methodist Nursery School "Something Used, Something New" Rummage Sale & Boutique

this is a non-profit daycare / kindergarten near where i live. the school provides care for over 200 families! all vendor fees go to raise money for the school. my two favorite things in the world -- rummage sales and craft fairs -- all rolled into one!
Saturday, February 27, 9am-1pm
Indianapolis, IN -- 71st & Shadeland @ Castleton United Methodist Church

Hamilton County Marketplace: Central Indiana's Winter Market
i was approached to participate in this during an event i did in the fall. a couple in the area set up this marketplace with six dates throughout the winter months. there is a $1 admission price, and all of the proceeds go to help local non-profit organizations like Chaucie's Place and The Agape Therapeutic Riding Center. it's so great the money will be going to such great causes.
Saturday, March 20, 9am-6pm
Noblesville, IN -- Hamilton County 4-H Fairgrounds

15th Annual Spring Handcrafters' Showcase & Marketplace

this one is at the fairgrounds in muncie. i've never been to the fairgrounds, but i've been to mucie (aka funcie) many a time. it's a college town, so maybe some hip, young, hair treasure-loving people will turn out.
Friday, April 16, 2-8pm & Saturday, April 17, 10am-4pm
Muncie, IN -- Delaware County Fairgrounds

i'll get to display my new giant vinyl hair treasures banner! the one i got for christmas! and hopefully send lots of treasures out into the world.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

sickie sunday.

i am alive right now thanks to mucinex, ibuprofen, and nyquil. yes, friends, winter has finally found me. all i want to do is snuggle with my puppy and go to sleep, but i thought it would make me feel better to make some treasures. so here's what i did today in my cold/flu drugged stupor:

green floral corduroy / yellow yarn & beads band.

 i used a band that one of my friends donated to the hair treasures cause. it's a heavy duty plastic scalloped band circa 1990something and looks sweet with the yarn. i pulled apart a crazy multi-colored necklace to get these matching yellow beads and strung them together to make the flower.

green & white buffalo check mountain band.

the only reason "mountain" comes to mind is because i tried a new technique, and it is 3D like little hills. but "hill" band doesn't sound as cool as "mountain." right? sorry, it's the drugs talking.

vintage doily applique / aqua linen band.

i wish i would have taken a before/after picture. the "before" would be a hideous short-sleeved blazer with shoulder pads. i've already used the buttons from the blazer and some of the aqua fabric on some other pieces, so i figured it was about time for the doily to make its debut. it wraps most of the way around the band, and the aqua adds a special subtle touch.

i can't wait until i can stop blowing my nose with a roll of toilet paper. even my eye sockets hurt. woe is meee.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

hello, yellow.

in between various other projects, i have found a little time to make some new treasures. i didn't realize it at the time, but most of them are yellow. yellow is happy. and so am i. these will be available in my etsy store soon!

yellow seersucker bow band.
(made from one of my favorite dresses that got ripped to shreds in the washing machine. it was a sad, sad time, but i like to think i've turned those lemons into lemonade.)

red and mustard yellow felt flower band.
this is the second one i've made like this, with stitched felt petals. it's a cute little guy.

yellow seersucker ruffle band.
(also made from my beloved ex-dress.)

yellow tulle & tan feathers band.
i bought some white tulle the other day to work on a wedding piece, and this yellow stole my heart. the colors in the tulle and feathers match the vintage earring exactly. weird! and perfect!

that's all for now. i'm hoping to do a craft show sometime soon since i've been able to build up my stock a little bit, but i'm not sure what's available. i think i'm going to apply for the hamilton county marketplace in march, but the february one is full. any ideas?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

my handmade baby shower gifts.

today i attended a baby shower for my friend kristina. i work with kristina at eagle creek, and she is one of the sweetest, kindest people i have ever met. all the girls from the shop (and a few regulars!) gathered tonight to celebrate kristina and her baby boy, who's due in just six weeks.

kristina recently asked me to make new covers for her rocking chair cushions. they go on a rocking chair in her baby's room. it was my first attempt at cushion covers, and i think they turned out pretty well. i gave them to her today as a shower gift (also: some really cute bibs including one with hedgehogs on it. yes, hedgehogs). i thought about documenting the creation process, but i just have photos of the finished product.

the whole thing:
there are three separate pieces -- a seat cushion, back cushion, and head pillow.

a little bit of a close-up:
 i attached ties to the top corners of the back cushion so it will be secure on the rocking chair.

the ties:
believe it or not, this was one of the trickiest parts of this entire project.

a pillow close-up:
the head pillow is attached to the back cushion with velcro. i used velcro on all three cushions so that each part of the cover would be removable in case they need to be washed.

velcro on the seat cushion:
i decided to go with velcro instead of zippers because it's been probably 12 or 13 years since i've attempted a zipper, and i didn't want to mess it up.

velcro on the bottom of the back cushion:
this part is completely hidden behind the seat cushion in the chair.

i was also inspired to add a little more tarabee-ness to my gift wrap. the theme for kristina's baby's room is a vintage airplane / travel theme, so i decided to go with that. here's what i came up with:

all bagged up: 
this is the finished product. i made the plane out of felt leftovers and attached a card made from brown paper and a felt heart. (and i used my new typewriter to type the message inside!)

airplane close-up:
i drew and cut out the plane first, then added the blue decorations and red flight tail. i used hot glue to stick it to the bag.

my next project is to make curtains from the same fabric that the rocking chair cushions are made of. i've made plenty of curtains, but i've never made a valance. i have some ideas to make it look a little more professional than some i've made in the past. i can't wait until they're finished. maybe i'll get to see the baby's room sometime soon, too!