Saturday, February 27, 2010

craft show success & etsy store updates.

today's craft show was great! i didn't know what to expect, but i ended up meeting some great people -- even a few from the INCrowdTeam. a bunch of people went home with hair treasures, which makes me happy, and i received so many compliments on my items.

i took a few pictures of my display. i had just one table this time, so in the words of Tim Gunn, i had to make it work. it was fun to have my new banner! since i was in the center of the room, i didn't have a wall to hang it on. i'm sure i looked pretty funny trying to attach it to my table all by my little self. i was slightly frantic this morning!

the hair treasures store finally has some updates, so go take a little peak! i am going to be working on stocking up some more in the weeks and months to come, keeping my fingers crossed for a few big craft fairs this spring and summer. 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Castleton United Methodist Craft Show & Rummage Sale tomorrow!

i'm taking a break from preparing for tomorrow's craft show at Castleton United Methodist Church. i am really excited because my last show was a few months ago, and i am ready to share my treasures with the world! (or at least the north side of indianapolis.)

here's some info about the show if you are in the area:

WHAT: Rummage Sale and Craft Boutique
WHERE: Castleton United Methodist Church (71st & Shadeland)
WHEN: Saturday, February 27 -- 9am-1pm
**There will be over 40 arts/crafts vendors and hopefully a heaping handful of people selling junk (yippee!!)

i just finished pricing all of my hair treasures and photographing my newest items to add to my portfolio. here are the newest additions:

(my current fav.)

the bows are fun and easy to make, so i have made quite a few lately!

it's been a while, but here are a couple new baby treasures:

ok, back to work. time to load up and ship out. or something like that. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

visit Bid Me Wings on etsy.

i just got off the phone with my dear best friend, beth. she lives in nashville, and i miss her so, so much. she makes me laugh like no one else, and i just adore her. something really special about beth is her heart for other people. she is always the first to help, on a small scale or large, and her willingness to serve is finally bringing her to her dream desination: Kenya, Africa.

beth will be going with an organization called Mocha Club that leads trips to African slums and orphanages to serve and help put donated money to use. i am so excited for her to go on this trip, and i am really proud that i have people in my life who care so much about others -- even those thousands of miles away on a different continent.


to raise money for her trip to Kenya, beth has created an adorable etsy shop to sell vintage clothing and housewares called Bid Me Wings . proceeds from your purchase will go toward her summer trip, so go take a look at all of her cute vintage treasures, and use your fashion sense for a great cause!

here's a perfect little dress that is coming my way very soon, thanks to Bid Me Wings: 

visit beth's Bid Me Wings blog, too!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

etsy orders.

etsy orders! four in two days! the internets are blowin' uuuuup.

(courtesy of my typewriter and logo stamp.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

t-shirt --> dress.

so a few months ago we got these new uniform shirts at eagle creek, the cafe where i work. i altered mine immediately to be more form-fitting instead of a baggy t-shirt. back then i thought about turning one of my shirts into a dress so i could wear it with leggings, but i just couldn't find the time to do it.

yesterday on my day off, i finally turned one of my t-shirts into a little dress. i know it's kind of silly to go through so much work for a cafe uniform, but i guess it's just a way to express my individuality. funny how clothes can do that sometimes. it's nice to have options, too.


(i used a black cotton gabardine blend for the outside. it's a little heavier than cotton, which helps to keep its shape. i also used a silky non-cling lining on the inside.)

the final product:
my new work outfit, complete with a hair treasure. hooray!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a new batch of cookies. (and by cookies, i mean treasures.)

hello out there. for the past couple weeks my "free" time has been devoted to all things hair treasures. i have applied for the bloomington handmade market and the indieana handicraft exchange, so cross your fingers for me. i really hope to be able to participate in one or both of these wonderful events!

i finally have a new batch of treasures to show you. enjoy!
(ps. i'm not putting these on my etsy store because i'm stocking up for craft fairs, but if you see one that is your heart's desire, just let me know!)

sea foam green tulle rose w/ feather leaves band. 

purple / tan / gold feathers band.

white eyelet / vintage red & white handpainted polka dot earring band.

oversized blue feathers band.

oversized vintage linen / flower brooch band.

brown & tan curly feathers band.

fancy oversized purple feathers band.

vintage linen bow band.

lavender tulle rose w/ feather leaves band.

green & brown calico bubble band.

red gingham / strawberry patch bubble band.

mustard yellow braided band.

plum feathers / black multi-faceted jewel band.

mini peacock feathers / bronze button band.

sage green yarn / wooden buttons band.

i am excited about some of my new designs, and i really hope that you love them, too! i have been discovering that being artistic in this way has opened my eyes to other areas of design that interest me. (more on that later.) for now, i am saying goodnight from my snowy indiana home.