Wednesday, September 30, 2009

let's be friends.

i went to a local thrift store today that i hadn't been to in years and struck major gold(!) i bought a bunch of leaf brooches and sweet clip-on earrings and this amazing golden owl with emeralds for eyes. i can't wait to turn them into treasures.

for now, here are some things i've been working on:

rainbow terry cloth layers band.
$9 (for sale on etsy!)

black and blue pearl clip.
$5 (for sale on etsy!)

peek-a-boo oversized flapper clip.
$12 (for sale on etsy!)

also: i would love to follow your blog if you have one, and i would love for you to follow hair treasures to see updates on my etsy store, local boutiques, craft shows, and other adventures. so say hello if you want to, and we can be blogspot friends. hooray!

Monday, September 28, 2009


cutest hair treasures model ever! i made a couple gifts for my cousin jordan recently, and this is her little sister, madison, sporting one:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

a busy little bee.

i've been hard at work preparing a special order for AH Collections. i'm about halfway there, so hopefully by the end of the week, all of those treasures will be ready for delivery. i've also been putting the gems my aunt pammy sent me to good use and having a lot of fun doing it.

here are the newest additions for AH Collections:

plum feather / pearl clip.

black lace / pearl pin.

and a batch of colts gametime adjustable bands!

and here are the new treasures available on etsy:

fancy purple feather snowflake band.
$10 (for sale on etsy!)

green / yellow feather explosion band.
$8 (for sale on etsy!)

floral corduroy band.
$8 (for sale on etsy!)

vintage paisley knot band.
$9 (for sale on etsy!)

and because i just can't help myself, here's Gretta, showing her devotion to both the Colts and hair treasures:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Holiday Bazaar & a bizarre bag of goodies.

i am almost positive that hair treasures will be sold at another upcoming craft fair. Our Lady of Grace Catholic School in noblesville, IN has its annual Holiday Bazaar on november 21 and 22. over 70 vendors will be there, and i will most likely be one of them. i just have to fill out the paperwork! i am so excited! but i really need to buckle down and be even more productive than i already am. between two jobs and being a mother to Gretta, i have enough time to make about three pieces a day. november will be here faster than you can say "two craft shows in one month." here's the flyer for the event.

also! my wonderful aunt pammy sent me a fantastic box of goodies in the mail, and i was like a kid in a candy store. there were gorgeous brooches and flower pendants and pearls and even a hilarious women's pant suit that she bought just for the adorable pearl buttons. i am so thankful and have already put my new treasures to use:

autumn foliage band.

sassy flower / feathers band.

elegant pearl / feather band.
(this design is sort of popular. this particular band is a replica; i have already sold two like it, and AH Collections wants a couple, too. classytime09.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

spencer, IN arts & crafts fair.

so many great things! i am about to ship off four different packages of hair treasures: one to texas, one to pennsylvania, one to ohio, and one to florida. i am so thankful for my supportive friends and family.

i also just confirmed that hair treasures will have a booth at The Arts & Crafts Fair in Spencer, IN on november 14. spencer is just northwest of bloomington, arguably the best place in the state. the fair is scheduled to have 50 vendors, so it's not huge and overwhelming, which is good for my first one. i'm excited and honored to have this opportunity! i will post more information as soon as i know more.

i spent some time last night making some new treasures. i am excited for fall -- i love sweaters and scarves and warm things. i guess that's my inspiration for some of these new designs:

winter sweater band.
$8 (for sale on etsy!)

vintage cross-stitch sweater band.
$8 (for sale on etsy!)

autumn colors band.
$8 (for sale on etsy!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AH Collections.

i am so happy to announce that hair treasures will be sold at carmel, IN boutique in the near future. i met with Anne from AH Collections tonight. she made some specific hair treasures orders, and as soon as i'm finished searching for the perfect materials and putting them all together, they will be for sale in her shop!

the boutique is actually set up in her home and has all sorts of things from clothing to chunky jewelry to colts accessories to fancy sunglasses. i am so humbled to have my little treasures among the rest of her gorgeous items, and i am excited to see if they are popular at all.

for now, i have to get to work on a couple more donation items for Zoe's Bone Marrow Buddies . i have a few things ready, but i can't decide if i want to donate some brand new ones or some that i already have. hmmm.

so many great things are happening. i feel so blessed to have these opportunities. hooray, hair treasures!

Monday, September 21, 2009

ballerina treasures.

here are the donations i am sending for the Dancing for Daniella cancer research fund raiser:

(these pieces were designed for little ballerinas.)