Monday, June 6, 2011

shea's bridal collection.

whoa! i have been absent from blogville for such a long time! for my triumphant return, i am going to show you some treasures i made for my dear friend shea for her wedding.

chris & shea - so cute! (courtesy of emma williams photography)

shea and i met when we were both camp counselors in the summer of 2005 and have remained buds ever since! now she lives in cincinnati and, as of march 12th, is a married lady. i wasn't able to attend the wedding because i was in texas for SXSW, but i was there in spirit via hair accessories. (wink!)

shea sent me an idea of a bridal piece from another etsy seller (woops!), and i took the idea and went with it: 

the rosettes are made from scraps of shea's dress. the jewels are all different pearl-ish beaded earrings. the "doily" underneath is cut from a vintage blazer, and, of course there are satin leaves and russian netting blusher.

a little glimpse of shea's bridal treasure as she walks down the aisle with her mom:

shea wore the piece with the rosettes in the back and the blusher toward her face. so cute!

umm...their reception was a SKATING PARTY! how awesome is that? i'm so bummed that i couldn't be at this celebration. 

i wanted to tie in the rosettes of shea's bridal piece with her bridesmaids' treasures. their dresses were all different shades of navy and dark purple, so i went with the green from shea's leaves to complement them. the boys' boutonnieres had peacock feathers in them, so i included them for the bridesmaids, too, as the "leaves" for their rosettes! 

they all ended up being slightly different in size, and so did the feathers. they are all tiny metal alligator clips.

(if you look very closely, you can see some bridesmaid treasures!) 

wedding treasures are my favorites to make, especially for friends! i really wish i could have been at this joyous celebration, but i'm glad i still had a little part in it despite my absence.

congrats, shea & chris!


  1. Seriously they were perfect. Thanks so much for the treasures! I hope I can see you soon very soon.


  2. @shea - i'm so glad! you looked so beautiful! i still wish i could have been there in person with you to celebrate. i hope i can see you soon, too!!