Thursday, June 9, 2011

baby charlotte.

on monday my dear friends andy and beth welcomed their second baby girl into the world. miss charlotte rae long was born into a wonderful family, including big sister edie who is not quite 2 yet!

(i mean, she just gave birth, and she still looks gorgeous. yeah, girl!)

i was so excited to receive some adorable photos a couple days later of baby charlotte sporting a hand-me-down baby treasure that i gave to edie when she was tiny! 

(it kind of looks like a little hat because she's so tiny! she weighs 5 lb. 10 oz.)

sleepy treasures! 

i'm so glad that one of edie's headbands has made its way back into circulation with baby charlotte. i know it's just a headband, but it warms my heart that my friends would put it on their newborn and send me photos. i just love it. 

here's little edie when she was a wee babe:

i'm so excited to watch this family grow and that (at least for a little while longer) we live in the same town so i can see them. babies!

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