Saturday, June 18, 2011

ex-freakum dress.

whoa! two blogs in one day? i must be bored or something. (i am.)

lately my sewing projects have consisted of fixing things for other people and making alterations to my own clothes. have you gone through your closet and said, "well, i'd wear this more if it didn't gape here" or "this would look so much better if it were just two inches shorter"?

i decided to go through my closet and do just that. i still have a pile of things that need snaps and slight length alterations. if i don't feel comfortable in something, i'm not going to wear it -- and fixing clothes is so much cheaper and easier than buying new ones!

i've hemmed a few dresses, shortened sleeves on a shirt, and added some snaps and buttons. (i'm modest. what can i say?)

here's a before shot of a dress i got a pitaya. i knew when i bought it that it would be slightly revealing on top (considering what i'm working with), but i got it anyway because i loved the design, and it was on sale (bonus!).

(me, cousin holly, sister trisha)  

(sister trisha, mama patty, me)

see what i mean? i was on vacation in florida when these photos were taken, so i didn't care as much about my business being all over the place, but it quickly became known to trisha and me as my "freakum dress" for obvious reasons. 

i haven't worn it in a while because of the way it fits, so i decided to do something about it: it originally came with a removable sash around the waist. i turned the sash into a bow and attached it where i needed it most, and now i have a garment that i could actually wear in public without mothers shielding their children's eyes. 

 (close-up: i actually prefer the look of the elastic band to the sash.)

(much classier, i think. and more comfortable!)

 (happy camper! bare feets!)

 most of my other alterations aren't as exciting as this one, so i probably won't post any more about them. i'd love to do a workshop for girls who have similar issues and help them make their clothes fit right instead of buying new ones. think i'd have any takers? 


  1. yeah girl! lookin' good!
    i need all kinds of help with my clothes, shoot!

  2. thanks, treenie! i'll help you with your clothes! come to mama.

  3. i'd totez be down for a workshop! teach me your wayyyz!